Saturday, May 17, 2008

Men DO Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

Glasses are more than an aid to the eye, they hold a certain mystique to them. The staple fashion item of librarians (librarian chic is a recent term that has embraced the new image of the sexy librarian, rather than the old haggard librarian of the past) and the official eyewear of the Geek and Nerd, there's something about glasses, if worn well, that captivates the mind.

Yomiko Readman, from the Anime and Manga series R.O.D: Read or Die is an example of how Japan truly has brought us the new development that glasses aren't unattractive for a woman to wear.

This, for those who aren't familiar with Anime and Manga, is Yomiko:


Hardly unattractive is she? Some might argue that Anime objectifies women, but I prefer to admire her in "the Spirit of Art", as a refined gentleman who would pay respect to any woman, real or imagined.

As you can see, the culture of girls with glasses being unattractive may have just blown up in your face. But for some of you even Yomiko may not be enough to prove that glasses can be sexy for women to wear.

Think about it. The sophistication of the woman who wears glasses as she shelves library books, her grace as she turns the pages so gently... it would make any man swoon, whether he was a Geek, Nerd, or neither.

They say that wearing glasses makes you look smart. This association has usually been met with anti-intellectual bullying towards men in thick glasses. But things are changing for women who wear glasses. You may be complaining that my choice of Yomiko Readman as the first example of attractive glasses girls is just the depraved fantasy of a Geek who has lost interest in real women. But I like to have a healthy appreciation of both. Like an appreciation of the woman in this picture:


Oh, my lady... I'd lay my coat over a puddle for you any day...

Compared to the tone of my previous, serious pieces, this may seem a trivial post, but nonetheless it's an opinion of great importance. Some young ladies I know feel ashamed of their glasses they wear, but if only I had the courage to tell them how beautiful such eyewear makes them. I think I've said enough on the matter for now. Forgive me for rambling, I'll stop before I get untidy.

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brandi said...

I agree that girls can be sexy in glasses but guys can be just as sexy. A couple of fine examples are Soshi Asamoto from Absolute Boyfriend and Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) on Stargate SG1. Those two ALWAYS get my heart racing every time I see them.