Saturday, May 17, 2008

Secret Men's Business Anime blog Round Robin

So I saw this:

And it got me thinking, since the women bloggers are having their own Round Robin of Anime blogging, us blokes might as well have our own.

By this I do not mean discussions of how big the cup sizes of certain female Anime characters are. I mean talking about men's issues in Anime. Is Goku from Dragonball Z a character based on unrealistic male expectations we enforce on ourselves, forever wanting more and more insane levels of power? Is Kimura from Azumanga Daioh problematic in his viewpoints about high school girls, and the messages he gives to his male students about how women should be treated? Or is he just a character put in there for laughs?

Have male Anime body types and gender construction led to the feminisation of men within the artform?

These questions and more, as soon as I get more people signing up to blog about them.

Sign up in the comments page, and remember, women have their own round robin at the moment, this is just for the guys to talk about our issues. I don't consider it as petty revenge, only as a measure to ensure that feminist bloggers don't take us out of context. I've already been roasted by Germaine Greer once in my life, and I'd appreciate it if women allowed men to ask questions about, and even question, the constructions of their gender.

Thank you to the developers of the original round robin for women bloggers for inspiring me to give the guys a chance to talk.

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Iknight said...

But we have nothing to talk about! Whenever I wonder about masculinity I just watch the forty-fifth episode of G Gundam and everything's all right again.